Our mission is to take the pain and stress out of managing accounts for our clients with a committed, fun and dedicated team.
At Indigo Bookkeeping we take the pain out of managing your accounts by freeing you from the chore of bookkeeping. We do the dirty work, so you don’t have to! Since 2012, we’ve been taking on the responsibility of bookkeeping, payroll services and compliance obligations so our clients can focus on their business!

Our trustworthy and reliable team are passionate about helping our clients. At Indigo we have over 200 years combined experience and we are like data entry ninjas! Anything from data entry, reporting, systems review and implementation, your office or our office, we can assist. We’ll clean up your data, package it correctly and ensure you have an accounts process you can trust! 

Your success is our success and this is demonstrated through the strength of the relationships we have established with our clients and their accountants, allowing accurate and timely performance when it comes to your finances.

Indigo Bookkeeping is about helping you as much or as little as you need, whenever and wherever you need us.


We are committed to our clients and promise to deliver with our values always front of mind.




Team work



Our Team

With more than 200 years combined experience (in work, that’s not our age) we are here to support you. The Indigo team of data entry ninjas will do the dirty work, so you don’t have to!
We’ll get the job done, but we’re also gonna have some fun. Our strong and passionate team brings together a wide variety of experience and skills, so together with our can-do attitude we’re ready to tackle anything you throw at us!

Cleaning up data, creating systems and streamlining processes is all part of our service. Our data entry ninjas have the utmost attention to detail and we’ll treat your business with the highest level of care. 

Our clients stretch across a number of industries such as manufacturing and distribution, finance, retail and wholesale, hospitality and gaming, construction, medical, sports and recreation just to name a few. So whatever your business, let us do the dirty work so you can focus on what you do best.
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“I’m passionate about what I do because I love helping people. I believe everything has a place and I help my clients find a system and process for their data, so they can get organised and focus on what they’re good at.”
Melissa Sterry

Our amazing team

Join Our Team
Judy Yuen-Richards
Senior Bookkeeper - Not busy, just productive
Jude provides a holistic service to our clients. Being organised, accurate and streamlined is her M.O.

Having worked in a variety of industries before completing a Cert IV in Bookkeeping, Jude understands the running of different businesses and how they operate.

Jude understands that each business is unique with different needs and requirements. Her goal is to immerse herself into yours, become part of your team and streamline the books to achieve clarity and transparency for you.

When she's not bookkeeping and it's time to wind down, Jude enjoys eating good food, playing her guitar and drawing.
Debbie Theobald
Admin, Bookkeeper - also known as D1
Introducing the first of our Debbies, Debbie Theobald (yes, we have two! D1 and D2!) Debbie’s direct approach to organisation makes her the perfect team member to keep us all focused, organised and working efficiently for our clients.

Debbie joined our team in 2016 and has worked across a wide range of industries including recruitment, mining and real estate. Her main chores at Indigo include ensuring the smooth running of the office and consistently improving our internal systems and processes. 

When she’s not keeping us all in line at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, walking their dog Baxter and keeping fit.
Lina Corda
Senior Bookkeeper - Exceeding clients expectations is my goal!
Lina brings with her a Bachelor Degree in business, majoring in accounting, and a long standing career in management accounting.

She shares her wealth of experience, passion for the team environment and dedication to deliver the best possible service Lina really assists our clients with their overall business needs, so you truly can focus on your genius.

She’s a mother of three and loves spending time with family and friends, enjoying the lifestyle of cafes and restaurants in her beautiful home city of Melbourne.
Debbie Miller
Senior Bookkeeper -also known as D2
Debbie lives and breathes bookkeeping!  With a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, she has a comprehensive knowledge of bookkeeping gathered over 20 years.

Debbie is committed to building strong client relationships and enjoys working with small businesses.

When she’s not tidying the books, Debbie loves reading, gardening and socialising. She’s passionate about travelling and showing her three daughters all the wonderful and amazing things in the world.
Ketty (Mardiah Katrina)
Bookkeeper - “Time is everything!”
Ketty is efficient, focused and she does everything by the book. For her, time is everything, and you’ll never have to worry about how your time is spent with her.

For Ketty, time is so precious that she will not leave anyone waiting. You won’t have to chase her or prompt her, because timeliness is her ninja skill!  She is always searching for a faster and more effective way to do everything. 

Ketty lives for accounting. She lives it and breathes it. She really has found her passion with this work. It’s why our clients love her so much, she does the bookwork so you don’t have to - and she’ll love every minute of it too!
Novan Mukti
Bookkeeper - aka Saviour of Books
Novan will be the saviour for your books! He loves to collaborate with our clients to ensure they do their best work. 

He’s passionate about all things bookkeeping and making an easier way for you to do business. Novan uses his data ninja skills to keep your business on track. With a love of all things organisation, he’s always looking for the most efficient and effective way to get the job done - and to follow that process every time.

Novan loves to travel and explore new places. His secret love is the scent of a new book, the endless possibilities and the excitement of what is to come! You’re going to love getting to know this lover of all things books!

Just a couple of our lovley clients

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